History History

Samba Ads receives seed funding

February 2013

Having received angel investment from Florian Otto, founder of Groupon Brazil, Samba Ads received further funds of US$ 500 thousand in 2013, from investors such as Initial Capital, 500Startups, e.Bricks Digital and Rhodium.

Samba Tech’s new regional unit

January 2013

Samba Tech opened a new office in São Paulo to coordinate the efforts of the Business team. The new office in Brazil’s business capital has become the company’s home.

Samba Sky Launching

December 2012

Samba Tech launched a new business unit focused on providing Cloud Computing infrastructure solutions to support and boost the digital strategy of businesses. Through CDN (Content Delivery Network) technology, Samba Sky handles the Acceleration, Streaming, Delivery and Caching of pages, elements, objects and applications in general.

Samba Ads spin-off

August 2012

The Samba Advertising Network grew and became Samba Ads: the biggest premium online video advertising network in Latin America. In August, Samba Ads became the second company of the group. Rodrigo Paolucci, Samba Tech co-founder, became the CEO of the first video advertising network in Brazil.

Gustavo Caetano is elected best founder in Brazil by TNW #BSA

July 2012

The Next Web brought the TNW Startup Awards to Latin America and received more than a 1000 nominations across the different categories for the Brazilian awards, among them best co-founder. The shortlist included Samba Tech’s CEO and following a popular vote, Gustavo Caetano was announced as the winner by the founder of TNW, Patrick de Laive.

Presence at f.ounders

June 2012

Gustavo Caetano, CEO of Samba Tech, was present at f.ounders, the “Rolls Royce of technology events” according to Bloomberg. This select event for 150 technology company founders is held at the NASDAQ head office in Times Square, New York City. The event was attended by companies such as Twitter, Skype, Angry Birds, YouTube and even Bono Vox.

Samba Tech wins the AlwaysOn Global

June 2012

Samba Tech was recognised by AlwaysOn, the leading media brand network in Silicon Valley, as one of the most innovative and disruptive startups in the world, receiving the Global 250 Top Private Companies award.

Samba Tech and Adstream joint venture

January 2012

Samba Tech officially announces the joint venture with the Australian company Adstream: the world leader in digital advertising services. The new company, Adsteam-Samba, was established with the goal of digitalising, simplifying and facilitating the processes that involve, primarily, the management and distribution of video advertisements from the producers to the agencies and onto the TV Networks.

Video Ads Are Hot!

June 2011

Samba Tech inaugurates the Samba Advertising Network, a video ads service and solution to connect announcers and media buyers with the continents’ main publishers: Samba clients.

Samba Tech goes to China and wins the CHINICT award

May 2011

A Samba Tech was elected one of the most innovative companies in the world at the biggest technology entrepreneurship event in Asia, winning the CHINICT RisingStar award.

Hola, que tal? New office in Argentina

Fevereiro 2011

In targeting the consolidation of technology in Latin America, Samba Tech opened an office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The new team is focused on realising the potential of the Latin market and managing the resellers.

Samba Tech wins the Red Herring North America 2010

July 2010

Samba Tech was elected one of the most innovative companies in the world by Red Herring, one of the most important technology media companies in the world. Gustavo Caetano, CEO of the company, travelled to California and brought home the Red Herring Top 100 North America award.

Hack Day Samba Tech

January 2010

Samba Tech held its first Hack Day: a programming marathon that involved the technology and business teams and an independent jury to judge the projects. Over the next few years Hack Day gave rise to Hack Week: an entire week for the IT team to work on and programme something totally new.

Gustavo Caetano – CEO of the year by PEGN

December 2009

The CEO of Samba Tech, Gustavo Caetano, was elected Entrepreneur of the Year [Empreendedor de Sucesso] by the Pequenas Empresas Grandes Negócios magazine (Editora Globo) and Visa Brazil.

Samba Tech launches Exchange

July 2009

Samba Tech developed a system that made the process of sending advertising campaign videos from agencies to TV networks quicker, simpler and digital, thus eliminating the physical process (video tapes) and manual (delivery-boys). Within a few months, Exchange was being used by the main subscription-based TV networks in Brazil, such as Globosat, Turner, MTV and Viacom. This product would be the springboard for the company’s joint venture with Adstream in 2012.

Samba Tech receives investment

December 2008

FIR Capital, a Brazilian investment fund whose head office is located in Belo Horizonte and forms part of the DFJ network – a North American venture capital group – invested US$3 million.

Samba Tech signs a global partnership with MIT

September 2007

Samba Tech was selected as one of 40 startups to receive assistance worldwide through the entrepreneurial and innovation program of the Institute’s business school: Sloan. MBA and post-graduate students assist the company strategically for 4 months every year.

“Once upon a time…” Digital Logistics

May 2007

In order to explain what Samba Tech was doing, the Marketing team created a concept: Digital Logistics. The company handles the process from beginning to end: from the moment the video leaves the camera until it’s made available on the client’s site.

Samba Tech bets on online videos

March 2007

Game-changing. Game-changing. The mobile and computer-game distribution markets became red oceans for Samba Tech, who decided to switch focus.


January 2006

Alongside the reselling of mobile games, the company developed a computer-game sales channel. Combogames signed a partnership with the biggest and most important game developers in the world and large internet portals in Brazil.

Prêmio FINEP de Inovação

November 2005

The Ministry of Science and Technology has recognized our innovation initiatives through the FINEP award. This title is only given to companies which contribute to the country’s technological development. Point to Samba!

Expansion and new offices

March 2005

In a little less than a year, Samba Mobile grew significantly. In addition to partnerships with the main global brands, such as “Tomb Raider”, and the sale of games via the country’s biggest mobile network operators, the company opened offices in Argentina and Chile in order to reach the whole of Latin America.

The beginning: Samba Mobile

October 2004

The first company of the Group began life as Samba Mobile and was run by a team of four. The name comes from the pride of being Brazilian and the bee represents a continuous spirit of speed, agility and team work.

Angel Investment, where everything began

July 2004

The first big challenge was to raise the necessary capital to begin the operation. Almir Gentir was the angel-investor who believed in Gustavo’s dream and subsequently invested US$100 thousand.

Colourful Phone…

January 2004

Gustavo Caetano, CEO of the Samba Group, was at the time a marketing student who had bought a top-of-the line mobile phone. Whilst waiting for a flight, he attempted to download some games on his phone but failed. It was the spark that awoke his entrepreneurial spirit. He put together a business plan, travelled to London and returned with the opportunity of reselling mobile games in Latin America.